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The Greggton Antique Mall is one of the largest and oldest antique malls in East Texas.  Established in 1992, we are housed in a wonderful pair of old 40's buildings, one, the First State Bank of Greggton, and the other, the original home of Edelman's Furniture (still across the street). Since then, these buildings were home to the Longview Lens newspaper, and both Lester's and Martin's office supply. The old bank still has the original art-deco flavor and the old bank vault is still there, with solid concrete walls over a foot thick.  

The new owners, Terry and Gus, are not new to the mall nor the antique business. In 2014, they took a booth in the mall to sell some of thier collections. When the opportunity came up to keep the mall open, they took it. Both are avid antique hunters, scouring near and far to find unique antiques and interesting vintage objects to offer in the mall. 


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